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When is Valentine’s Day and How did Valentine’s Day come to Slovenia

When is Valentine’s Day, when do we celebrate the Feast of Love, How did Valentine’s Day come to Slovenia?

Happy and amorous Valentine’s Day

St. Valentin, 14. February, he’s known to us for a long time. Not as a feast of love, but as a symbolic date, the beginning is done in the open, to start a part, say, in the garden. The indigenous day of Love is Gregorjevo – Gregor’s Day. Gregor’s is on calendar 12. March. After the tradition, as well as the tradition, Gregory’s Day is in love and comes from the pre-Christian age. Also, the proverbial is a much more appropriate symbol of the day of love, because after the said and oral tradition, the latter says, “On Gregor’s day, the birds are married.”  What metaphorically means a planted bird’s respectable wedding is clear to everyone. But, Whatever. We discovered, we inherited another foreign custom and rejected the home boss and the habit. Valentine’s Day, Friday, 14. In February, and, you admit it or not, it has taken a symbolic role for the day of the Loves. And even if “holy Valenti gives the keys to the Roots”, it’s the one with the smart marketing Trusand overshadowed Gregor’s day.

Who thinks he did?

Loveiness, happiness, love, we must celebrate Dvakrata a year, five times or so every day. Let us call the online shop of jungle precious gifts not to scare us to take what is in our heart every day.

Because of me make it Happy Valentine’s Day.

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