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Is the paid hosting better than a free web hosting?

Is the paid hosting really better than a free web hosting?

It should’n be but…

Off course really professional paid web hosting is better than free web hosting but all depends on the quality of servers and an administrators and their knowledge. I have already replaced much of web hosting and tested a number of providers of leasing server. Some of them were a good, some of them were less good. Of course, now everything revolves around the money Since money is then dependent on the quality. If the offers on the market more than you could get more even if you give a less money.

Here in Top paid web hosting 2017.

In the future, I published the best list of web hosting in my own experience.

The online Web Axis of Evil – The Most Dangerous and hostile online website platform in the World

Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Because darknet (what is darknet, how it came into being) doesn’t count because it’s not Earthy, it’s not fair to normal, you wonder what the hell on the bright side of the web is doing sinisterly dangerous, stalking into an extremely hostile social network, Facebook?

The online web axis of evil!

I could write a mile about Facebook, it is a corrupt conglomerate of damage in time and breath. I would really throw in the story something really oh and all positive. I have a foundation, too. This is not a statement given by Danilo Turk or Dejan Židan when imaginative whispers write it on a file. Opinion is the fruit of active research in active experimentation. Everything is summarized in a clear description in a few articles. Years ago, I waved the contents even before the nose of Slovenian institutions, which thus responded to Slovene. They didn’t! What? Who am I, who are you grinting from the sidelines for these gods to answer or yours, god damn it, compare the case. That’s mom. The term of the Lord is limited in time. They try to spend time on something concrete. Let’s just say that they are beautiful in front of the camera, that they have neatly groomed nails with a snack and a cool hairstyle to celebrate. If you are already looking for opinions on what you want to do or research, this is prioritized, which is valid. In order to condemn the employees, however, not under any circumstances. Not a chance, Pedro. Employees are therefore hired to receive payroll in bank names when they wish to lease, when asked where you are employed, what to enter.

In short, we don’t owe it. In the attachment you can read about tea, how I was virtually abused by the demons from Facebook, how the perverted Facebog blackmailed me, fucked me and finally, when he got it all, fucked me too:

I can argue that Facebook has involved maliciousness in every action (let’s call it an app). His behavior and, of course, all his politics are identical to those of far-left populists. When the latter, of course, the former, then whispers something, he attributes his action to the rightist. He then condemns the media and the public that the public can then judge and receive exactly the kind of performance he had imagined before incest.

So who in the face of the notch first gets a nice advantage.

When is Valentine’s Day and How did Valentine’s Day come to Slovenia

When is Valentine’s Day, when do we celebrate the Feast of Love, How did Valentine’s Day come to Slovenia?

Happy and amorous Valentine’s Day

St. Valentin, 14. February, he’s known to us for a long time. Not as a feast of love, but as a symbolic date, the beginning is done in the open, to start a part, say, in the garden. The indigenous day of Love is Gregorjevo – Gregor’s Day. Gregor’s is on calendar 12. March. After the tradition, as well as the tradition, Gregory’s Day is in love and comes from the pre-Christian age. Also, the proverbial is a much more appropriate symbol of the day of love, because after the said and oral tradition, the latter says, “On Gregor’s day, the birds are married.”  What metaphorically means a planted bird’s respectable wedding is clear to everyone. But, Whatever. We discovered, we inherited another foreign custom and rejected the home boss and the habit. Valentine’s Day, Friday, 14. In February, and, you admit it or not, it has taken a symbolic role for the day of the Loves. And even if “holy Valenti gives the keys to the Roots”, it’s the one with the smart marketing Trusand overshadowed Gregor’s day.

Who thinks he did?

Loveiness, happiness, love, we must celebrate Dvakrata a year, five times or so every day. Let us call the online shop of jungle precious gifts not to scare us to take what is in our heart every day.

Because of me make it Happy Valentine’s Day.

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How to Delete a Group on Facebook – How to migrate from FB or leave a Facebook Group

Traps and intrigue social networks. How to delete something on Facebook, thirdly. Delete the Facebook group.

How do I delete a Facebook group (Facebook group)?

Did you before you opened the group on FB asked how, and if at all, you once did this for whatever reason you removed, wiped forever? 95% of Web users do not ask for it, probably don’t even think about it. You’re among them too, if you read this article. “Content uploaded to the Web actually can never be definitively deleted”, did you know that?. They always stay on track. I’m not scaring, I just put in a reflection that every time you write anything by network, forums, upload pictures, videos that before you strorite three times breathe.

Let’s end this uncertainty…

Instructions and procedure how to quickly delete a group on Facebook:

  1. Login to your Facebook account (log in)
  2. Click in the header at the top of the HOME (HOME)
  3. On the left side of the select GROUP
  4. Click on the GROUP (GROUP) you want to delete
  5. Another click on the left-hand side (MEMBERS)
  6. In the middle click on… (Three dots), namely the option: (a) Select LEAVE GROUP (LEAV GROUP) or (b) Delete GROUP
  7. if (a) you just want to leave the group, delete it from the GROUP only use this option, and after confirming the procedure is completed and you have written out of a GROUP
  8. if (b) you want to delete your Facebook group you also perform the procedure under (a) and LEAVE the GROUP, but then click on 3 dots to repeat and select and confirm the DELETION of a GROUP
  9. The process is complete

If you do anything interested in this something pisda in the area of social networks (#twoo, #Facebook #Gmail, #WordPress, #CPanel, #Twitter…), cars, technique… ask.

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