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Plastic is a New Asbestos

It’s plastic, like cigarettes and asbestos. Its impact and consequences will be to speak only in 20 to 30 years, when the three-quarter of the world population is affected and half on the deathbed. In 2052, on this topic the controversy of the #target will prepare the granddaughter’s Tanje muzzle, and as SMC in Pamfleta vision of Slovenia 2050 announced, the world will change to the better.

It has not yet occurred to me that the impact of my calibre would be to address the darkness, and for the lack, conceit and unsatisfactory quantity of quality data, the project was taken in a blind alley. Kakopak, ignorance responsible I can’t ignore it this time.

When I was about to research on the effects of plastic packaging, more accurate bottles, to our health and life, I would not have thought that possibly an article will never see the light of the world. I am currently on a 20 percent article and does not show the best. If the black announcement really happens, let me at least publicly thank the friendly employees at the #Dana Mirna (Dana.si) and #Radenska Radenci (radenska.si) factory. To any of my questions have responded with lightning and politely. As for the pros. In person at home, I’ve always been using the Dana and mineral water of Radenska. That’s the way it stays. Three cheers for both of us.

Plastic bottles and plastic bags in each store are expected to have a degradation period of 100 to 1000 years.

We don’t even have a purchase of packaging, let alone a vending machine that would accept or, God forbid, we pay for the empty bottle.

A man has the option to choose from sweet carbonated beverages, but does not have the option of choosing between toxic and non-toxic packaging to which these drinks are given. And I asked the question to God.

There was no reaction. And you, too…

Most of the toxicity of the packaging will not be agreed with me. At least those most from production and laboratories do not. I emphasize; Poisoning in the case of use of plastic packaging and long-term bottles (20-30 years) has a significant impact on the intestines and our organs. This confirms statistics, which, from year to year, report that humanity is ‘ inside ‘ increasingly diseased. Let’s take a look at the bright side of the tobacco lobby. Even their experts argued that tobacco is not poison, as today they claim the aforementioned. They know who won. I know who’s going to win, but it’s too late. Thus, when money becomes valued, life is just consumables and tools with which others come to the money.

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